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Rubber Speed Hump SH002R

Model number




Size of middle section


Weight of middle section


Size of end cap


Weight of end cap


Bearing capacity

At least 50tons



Rubber speed bumps are used in many situations to calm traffic . Some of the most common conditions include: shopping mall parking lots, condominium complexes and residential roadways.


a. Professional and quick response to your questions.

b. We help you to supervise the production quality and each process.

c. Customized manufacture available for you.

d. Fast delivery save your time.

e. Good after-sale service will eliminate your worry.

f. Professional packing method and sea transportation control make your order safe 


A.100% Recycled material

B.Never need painting

C.Easy one person installation

D.Removable for snow plowing or pavement maintenance

E.Cost effective, years of high performance with low maintenance



Step 1: To gurantee the life span of the speed bump, workers should smooth the road first before fixing.

Step 2: Put the speed bumps in a straight line.

Step 3:Drill through the holes of the speed bumps into the ground until 12cm deep.

Step 4: clean up the holes and remove the dust, oil and debris from the holes.

Step 5: Knock the screws through the holes until the screws expand completely to make the speed bumps firmly installed.


Speed Bumps are designed to:

Improve pedestrian safety

Reinforce stop signs in parking lots

Reduce the risk of accidents on private residential streets, driveways and parking lots.


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